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Limb Rehabilitation : Stroke Rehabilitation Exercises / Drug Free Post Stroke Treatments, Therapy that works



Limb Rehabilitation

"Prior to commencing the mirror box my hand was very painful and uncomfortable to move." "The mirror box has allowed me to begin using my hand again." - Mrs. I.G. Manchester  MORE... 

Using Mirror therapy to aid physiotherapy as show a remarkable improvement in motorbility. Patients have shown up to 40% more movement when compared with doing exercise alone.

If you have had hand surgery, a key part of your recovery will be how well you undertake your physiotherapy. Using our lightweight, portable folding mirror box, you can do your exercises anywhere, at anytime. The earlier you start your rehabilitation the more function you will recover.

It may seem bizarre that something so simple as a mirror can be used to get your hand going again but its true. The fact is however that even after short periods of immobilisation following surgery the efficiency of the communication between your brain and your hand can be reduced. In order to rehabilitate your hand,you need to turn back "on" the wiring between your brain and your hand. Mirror therapy is an aid to this rehabilitation and provides a visual feed back that is thought to encourage your wiring system to both get moving again and to activate spare or sleepy parts of the wiring system that have previously been uninvolved, to contribute to your recovery. Watch Video

How to use a mirror box 

The patient places the recovering limb in side the mirror box and their unaffected limb in front of the mirror. Seeing the reflection of the unaffected limb and performing simple tasks such as clenching of the fist or circular motion the patient thus receives artificial visual feedback from the unaffected limb in a mirror. Studies have shown that when the limb is inside the box the Patients' movement are improved tremendously and therefore aids a speedy recovery. 

Improvements come with repeated exercises. This is why a portable, collapsible and lightweight Mirror box is an invaluable tool in your recovery, allowing you to do your rehabilitation exercises wherever and whenever you wish. Watch Video

Step up your therapy now to a new and more efficient phase.

Surgery or injury rehabilitation focuses on restoring normal function through graded exercise programmes. This work is the "bread and butter" of physiotherapy and occupational therapists. Our deepening understanding of why some patients have difficulty rehabilitating their limbs following injury has revealed that co-ordination between the somatosensory cortex and the motor cortex is key. Further more input from vision and mirror visualisation techniques can play a very helpful and significant role in speeding up and increasing the effectiveness of physiotherapy routines, which can easily be undertaken using the mirror box mirror. This approach has been described in the literature in anecdotal evidence, case reports and clinical trial work. The evidence is building that using mirror therapy particularly with the hand following injury be it accidental or post surgery can have a beneficial effect on rehabilitation.